Giving to Upward

Why Give?

P rograms like Upward Sports are expensive in the time it takes to work with the kids, the many talents it takes to plan and put on the event, the space we have to dedicate to this mission of Mountainside, and the funding required for the program and for scholarships for those in financial need.   We hope that you see the value of such a Christian sports program, and are moved to donate your time, talents, or money to help us help give these young girls and boys a program that uplifts their spirits, their skills, their self-assurance, and gives them a fun and wholesome Christian experience.

T here are many different levels of giving.   Perhaps one of these will be the level of gift and purpose that you might choose:



Celebration Sponsor


Banner Sponsor


Inflatable/PA Announcement


Introduction Sponsor


Devotion Sponsor


Full Sponsor (Infl banner, reg event banner, PA Reps -2 per game, Celeb)


Scholarship Sponsor (listed in order when theyll come due)


Public Address Shout out (once per game requested)


Signage Sponsor (directional signs posted around the building on game day)


Team Sponsor (PA announcements for team selected, Introduction, HT, etc.)


In-kind Sponsor (coupons, materials, equipment, giveaways, etc.)


Apparel Sponsor (Vests, shirts, etc)


W e are pleased to include the following among our sponsors/partners.   These are businesses or church partners that are helping us register kids for the Upward program.

Please give them your business and thank them for their help.

P erhaps now is a good time to review the breadth of the Upward program at Mountainside Methodist. This program touches hundreds of families in a positive, Christian manner. A good overview in photographic images can be had by visiting the Celebration Photo Gallery from our big assembly and awards event held at the end of the season. Look at the faces, and you will know that this was a successful event!


I f you would like to donate your time or money to Upward Sports, please contact one of the Fundraising Commissioners below.   If you click on one of these names, you can directly e-MAIL them to discuss how to give of your time, money, and talents.

      Dan Patterson, 286-2445

      Dan Salzwedel, 286-1601

      John Merkley, 270-3384


Updated: DET-09/22/15