Mountainside United Methodist Church                         Updated September 20, 2020


Registration / Evaluations

            All wear masks

            Explain procedures to each family unit outside the door, before entering.

                        - Stay 6 feet from everyone else

                        - Don’t touch ball until invited

                        - Fitting shall be done without fitting uniforms; no touching

            Check temperatures of those entering

            Stretch out over 2 weeks (??); 4 evenings per week, 2 hours per evening.

            No more than 20 families per evening

                        Make appointment ahead of time (??)

            Two tables placed between registrants / registrars

            Evaluators stay 6 feet or more from players

            Sanitize ball after each player handles it

            Introductory explanation of Upwards done via e-mail to all player’s families

                        Acknowledgement of reading requested in same e-mail with name entered on reply.


            Supplies needed:

            Hand/ball sanitizer





            Volunteers needed:

            Greeter outside door – explains procedures/ acts as gatekeeper

            Pointer1 inside door indicates where people should go first

            Pointer2 at door to gym controls # in gym / acts as gatekeeper

            Evaluation Leader controls evaluations inside gym

            3 evaluators in gym


Coaches Training

            Done via Zoom

            New coaches may be trained in gym as group, maintaining 6 feet distance


Referee Training

            Done via Zoom or in gym by appointment

            Distancing in gym if multiple trainees


            All wear masks.

            Practice manager-check temperatures at door 

            *Sign in - Record date, name, temperature (for tracking later if someone is found infected)

            Start with drills that keep kids separated

            Minimize close activities

            At half-way devotion, expand the circle to get 6 foot distance

            Coaches wipe down balls, cones & practice aids after practice



Air circulation system must be on, even if not cooling or heating (check filters & flow directions)

            All wear masks coming in.

            All have temperatures checked at door

            *Sign in - Record date, name, temperature (for tracking later if someone is found infected)

            Each player brings own water bottle.

            Teams & spectators of next game do not enter building until previous game is done.

                        *Coach comes in early to get roster.  Do as much of organizing team outside as possible.

            *Only two spectators  for each player allowed in building; EXCEPT

For K-1 and 2-3 games, 4 spectators of one player per game may sit on bleacher on stage.  First come/first serve.

                        For full-court games, no more than 4 spectators per player.

                        Maintain 6 foot spacing between spectator units.


            *After pre-game warmup, Visiting Team Parent responsible for sanitizing warmup balls.

*Use velcro-style colored shoulder bands.  Team Parents sanitize these in isopropyl alcohol at each change.

            One coach and one team parent or assistant coach wearing masks, at game;

            *Home Team Parent responsible for changing and sanitizing ball at end of each period.

            One referee per game; wears mask.

            No handshakes, high-fives or spitting.

            Tunnel before game will not be used.

            Before game prayer:  spread out, 6 feet between people on floor

            Halftime devotion:  Video recording

            Referee rarely touches ball.

            At end of game, exit at southwest door (avoids mingling with next team coming in)


            Volunteers at game needed:

            Half-court games

            2 referees (1 for each game)



            Greeter outside door (checks masks; reminds about distancing)

Greeter2 inside door (directs as required, ensure rosters are present).  This might be a parent from a team that plays next.

            *Announcer sanitizes chairs after game.


            Full-court games

            1 referee

            Timer/Scorekeeper (one person or two?)


            Greeter outside door (checks masks; reminds about distancing, ensures rosters are present)

            Announcer sanitizes chairs after game


Supplies Needed

2 non-contact thermometers (in case one breaks)

2 gallons hand sanitizer in 2 dispensers

500 disposable masks (for people who forget theirs)

500 pint water bottles (for players who forget to bring theirs)

*Hundreds of alcohol or bleach infused wipes

2 gallons of isopropyl alcohol

10 sets (5 colors each) Velcro style wristbands from upwards (ordered, 9/15/20)

Handwashing and rinsing station outside the restrooms and in foyer.


Resources (many more available, go look)